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The New Flesh is an artist residency programme that commissions emerging artists working with moving image to produce new works using the facilities and costumes at Academy Costumes. The works are presented through LUX, one of the UK’s leading organisations for artist’s moving image. The New Flesh was established in 2017 by Georgie Brinkman, and was previously known as Academy AiR. Alongside each residency Georgie curates a series of public-facing events including talks and screenings at LUX that explore the intersection of costume and artist’s moving image.

Academy Costumes is one of the UK’s leading costumiers for film, TV and the performing arts. Over the last 30 years they have worked on productions such as Back to the Future II, Saving Private Ryan and War Horse, as well as making for individuals such as Prince and Kate Moss.

LUX was founded in 2002 and continues a lineage of predecessors (The London Film-Makers’ Co- operative, London Video Arts and The Lux Centre) which stretch back to the 1960s. It represents the country’s only significant collection of artists’ film and video, and is the largest distributor of such work in Europe. LUX offer professional development initiatives for artists working with moving image such as workshops and mentoring sessions.

The residency is intended to support early career artists with no gallery representation, and preferably without an MA qualification.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello, drop us a line at hello@new-flesh.com or find us on social media.