Ceschi + Lane (UK)
Greenham, 2019

Paired artist → Amy Pickles with alternative echelons (NL)

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Ceschi + Lane (formally Brave New Worlds) make multi-platformed performances where the live event have ‘echos’ in the form of short films or digital remembrances. Greenham are a series of short ‘echos’ made in collaboration with film-maker Thomas Ellis and sound artist Caroline Devine They were was shot on location on the former RAF and American Army base in the English countryside, which is now common land. It was the site of Greenham Common Women’s Peace camp, set up in 1981 to protest against the British government allowing American cruise missiles to be stored there, the protest camp remained for 19 years. In response to the scarred landscape of the post-Cold War dereliction and the contested history of Greenham Common, the performances embodied imaginative and provocative ideas around landscape and memory, the body and its environment and women’s relationship to power. These costumes acted as critical intervention and commentary in a public space, examining how a body focused scenography can generate choreography and its resulting relationship to the ecology of the landscape. The work draws on English pagan ritual costumes in juxtaposition to the military history and abandoned relics.

n Artist's Bio h

Ceschi + Lane are a performance collaboration between theatre/performance practitioner Valentina Ceschi and interdisciplinary artist/scenographer/academic Kate Lane. They have been supported and performed with organisations such as Barbican Creative Learning, The Point, Eastleigh, Ovalhouse (United Kingdom), Arts Printing House (Lithuania), ACT Festival (Bilbao) and Scenofest, World Stage Design (Taipei). Exhibitions include UK exhibit at PQ15, Make: Believe exhibition at the V&A (2015), Costume at the Turn of the Century (2015) & Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation (2019), Moscow.

t Credits o

Films x Thomas Ellis
Concept, Direction, and Design g Valentina Ceschi & Kate Lane
Music and Sound u Caroline Devine
Performers r Josephine Auffray, Valentina Ceschi, Jennifer Fletcher, Natalie Nicole
James and Kate Lane
Assistant Designer h Sonia Odera
AC/ Focus Puller k Alessandro Di Rosa
Production Company s Focus On Infinity
Artwork by Daeun Lim
Curated by The New Flesh & First Cut