Isabel Wang Pontoppidan (NL)

Paired artist → Jennifer Martin with Meanwhile on Set… (UK)

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In Isabel Wang Pontoppidan’s film, BECOME THE DRAGON — 成龙, two alter egos reflect on their past, sharing experiences of the fake chinese, the inauthentic dane, the eurasian mongrel. The work explores and exposes a few of the constructed cultural identities one individual can harbour.

n Artist's Bio h

Isabel Wang Pontoppidan is an artist, writer and jewellery maker. Based in Amsterdam but hailing from somewhere between Denmark and China, she is in possession of a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Thematically, Isabel's artistic practice often coils around the diasporic identity of those individuals who find themselves stuck, floating, pinched or spinning in circles between “the East” and “the West”. Employing personal experience as material and method, her work touches upon longing, belonging and the performativity of culture in the face of external expectations.

t Credits o

Ilja Schamlé a boss babe (on set)
Luca Heydt r cinematography
Kexin Hao g title typography
Fernando Barrientos b colour grading
Ben Geraerts n lighting
Rick Haring k sound editing
Artwork by Daeun Lim
Curated by The New Flesh & First Cut