Jennifer Martin (UK)
Meanwhile on Set…, 2018

Paired artist → Isabel Wang Pontoppidan with BECOME THE DRAGON — 成龙 (NL)

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In 'Meanwhile on Set…', actors veer from the filmmaking process, question the context of their surroundings, break down and misbehave like viruses disrupting a system. In wearing full-body morph suits, the actors become fully epidermalised – like the roles they inhabit; they slip in and out of these skins. Each segment aims to unpick a condition of acting for British black and black bi-/multi-racial actresses. The 'Period Film' questions an unethical storyline of an antebellum romance between an enslaved teenager and her master. We reach the 'Action Film' at the pinnacle moment of the fight to retrieve a deadly virus; the heroine held hostage is forced to use the only thing the film has 'empowered' her with – her body. In the 'Talk Show', actress Gabby Moore navigates the host's loaded commentary.

n Artist's Bio h

Jennifer Martin (1990, USA/UK) is a London based filmmaker with a background in Fine Art. Since graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art and Royal College of Art, her films have been screened at festivals including BlackStar, SOUL Fest, EMAF, Alchemy Film and Moving Image, RIDM, and more.
She was awarded the 2018 Stuart Croft Foundation Education Award and selected for the FLAMIN fellowship 2019/20. Martin is a Film London Lodestar 2021 and winner of Best Screenplay at SOUL Fest 2021 for 'TEETH'. She is a co-director of the black and POC-led artist workers' cooperative not/nowhere, specialising in analogue film.

t Credits o

Jennifer Martin r Director/Writer/Producer/ Editor
Ruth Gibbs g Producer
Lewin St Cyr s Cinematography
Moira Salt z Key Cast, "Julia Outlaw"
Richard Law b Supporting Cast, "Master / Director"
Rochelle Rose h Key Cast, "Gabby Moore"
Gregory Lass u Supporting Cast, "Talk Show Host"
Tom Blake m Supporting Cast, "Lowry"
Emma Jay Thomas c Key Cast, "Nessa Sharpe"
Theo Leanse j Supporting Cast, "Agent Jack"
Amalia Laurent e Production Assistant
Sophie Culiere t Production Assistant
Umi Baden-Powell i Production Assistant
Ramona Guntert s Production Assistant
Johanna Flato q Gaffer
Tristan Hackney n Gaffer
Alex Grigoras h Colourist
Jennifer Martin a Sound Design
Matthew Alani c Sound Mixing
Artwork by Daeun Lim
Curated by The New Flesh & First Cut